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Jack is a photographer with over 10 years of experience in shooting imagery and video. Specialising in travel and commercial photography, Jack has worked in-house for brands such as STA Travel as their Global Content Producer as well as freelancing for World Champions Red Bull Formula 1 as their at-race Creative Producer. 

Jack is passionate about shooting candid and natural imagery  as summed up by his creative process:


"Authenticity wins. Every time I conceptualise a marketing

campaign, a photography shoot or a freelance production,

I make sure authenticity is the priority theme at the forefront

of the creative concept. Consumers are acutely aware when

a brand isn’t being genuine, so this will always be an

important objective in any content production I work on."

To book a shoot, or enquire about working together, click on the contact button above to arrange a call or receive a quote. 

If you're enquiring about wedding photography.

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